PBC Building

Paharpur Business Centre presents eco-friendly plug and play serviced offices, conference and meeting venues, in the popular commercial hub of Nehru Place in Delhi.

PBC Services Office Space

Serviced Office Space

Plug & Play, eco-friendly serviced office space in Delhi with flexible layouts to accommodate teams of different sizes

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PBC Conferences & Meetings Rooms

Conferences & Meetings

State-of-the-art facilities for conducting conferences, meetings, trainings and seminars complemented by F&B services and dedicated client servicing teams

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PBC Training Rooms

Training Rooms

Perfect set-ups to conduct training sessions for small and large groups

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Over the years, we have provided serviced office space to a wide range of global organizations. Some of them are:

Reasons to Choose Us

Well located in the major South Delhi commercial business district of Nehru Place


Independent building having over 50,000 square feet of leasable space


Well located office space in South Delhi, equidistant from Connaught Place, Noida and Gurgaon


Prestigious Clientele


Easily connected through public transport (two metro stations and multiple bus stops)


In-house restaurant and cafeteria offering a gamut of delicacies.

Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality system that conforms to ASHRAE standards, ensuring pollutant free fresh air in the premises.


High speed internet connectivity and power back-up.


Comprehensive security including CCTV systems, manual security in common areas both inside and outside the building.


Reserved parking for building occupants.

We have received many international certifications and awards for building operations. Some of them are:

Indoor Air Quality

We use green plants to remove toxins and harmful gases from indoor air. See today’s air quality statistics below:

PM10 in Paharpur Business Centre (microgram/m3) 17 15
PM10 in Outdoor Delhi (microgram/m3) 261 231
CO2 in Paharpur Business Centre (ppm) 532 554
CO2 in Outdoor Delhi (ppm) 405 395
PM2.5 in Paharpur Business Centre (microgram/m3) 16 14
PM2.5 in Outdoor Delhi (microgram/m3) 248 215

Locate Us

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